Kristen Cattell

for most creative check-ins

Won: a DVD

The Legend of Hercules

Check-in Highlight: 50 Pushups, Wendler Bench Press 95% week, 30 plyo pushups, 15 ropeclimbs, 4×8: barbell curls, skull crushers, DB rows and 5 rounds of widow makers & 100M sprint. Bench Press PR! 3@110#

Michelle Rowden

for leading with the most points

Won: Gear

Blackout Bands

Check-in Highlight: 50-Push Ups, Sit Ups, Thigh Presses & Arm Pressess. 60 min on the Eliptical, 55 min of Zumba & 20 min of Yoga. Say goodbye to the old me;  the new me is taking over. More beautiful, determined, adventurous, loving and fearless than ever!

Emily Diggs

for climbing the leaderboard

Won: a Fitness Tracker

Misfit Fitness Tracker

Check-in Highlight: Today was technically day 30 but I missed my check-in. 🙁 No worries though. On to round 2 on a good note today was the first day I did 50 push-ups without stopping!

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